Blowing my own trumpet!


As uncharacteristic as it may seem I have been known to occasionally blow my own trumpet. So here’s the latest batch of homebrew from the Broderick brewhouse! I feel it only fair to own up to the fact that my wife (coincientally enough also an avid baker) does most  of the actual work and also makes sure that I measure out the quantities correctly. So I eh, pick the kit (Coopers IPA and some extra malt) poured the water in and printed off the labels using the very handy I called the beer Old Joe’s as a nod to my father in law, his well water was used in the brew. I am unsure of the strength as there are some sums involved and anyway who cares, it looks like beer and tastes like beer! It has some head but that goes quickly enough, there is sufficient carbonation but I don’t think it’s hoppy enough. I may add extra hops to the next brew. Nevertheless I’m sure it will go down very well with the pork shoulder that’s marinading right now….

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