Happy Aleoween!


Happy Halloween everyone!
Last night I found myself in a four star hotel in Dublin at a work function. I asked at the bar for a bottle of one of the beers from Dungarvan (the internet said they had ’em)and the barman looked at me like I had two heads. Now it would be churlish of me to give out about the ‘free beer’, but I was somewhat disappointed that they had no craft beer of any description. And no Diageo, Smithwicks Pale Ale does not count!
Tonight I celebrated Samhain, not with some witches brew, not even a Dead Guy Ale was in my fridge but I more than made do with a Black Sheep Ale. This North Yorkshire beer is perfect for supping beside the fire. It’s a fittingly autumnal shade of amber and has a great bitter hops/sweet malt balance. An excellent ale. Next year I will plan my Halloween beer shopping well ahead of time!

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