So I’ve been doing this blog since late September and am 30 posts in. Today I read about NaBloPoMo, it’s a challenge to write a blog every day in November. A spin off of NaNoWriMo for those who like me aren’t going to write a novel any time soon. Now that’s a real toughie, it means I will have to drink or at least write about beer every day. This is a month normally marked by abstinence among some of my fellow countrymen, typical me to go against the grain!
Speaking of beer, this is one I’ve kept up for a while; O’Hara’s Barrel Aged Leann Follain Irish Stout. This stout is stored in Irish Whiskey barrels for 90 days which infuses the already fine flavours of the beer with more than a hint of whiskey. It’s a dry stout with some bitterness and a touch of dark chocolate. Fantastic, get a bottle while you can!

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