Shouting lager etc!


The more eagled eyed among you may have spotted the lack of lager in this blog. There’s a reason for that… a lot of lager doesn’t taste like anything! There is the odd notable exception such as Samuel Adam’s Boston Lager.  No don’t get me wrong here, I spent years drinking Heineken and little else until I underwent a Damascene conversion about ten years ago. Now I am a fully fledged, unashamed beer snob and as such feel it is a matter of huge importance that I never again drink macro brewed yellow water masquerading as beer.
Phew, rant over. The first thing of note about Mikkeller’s Burger & Bun L.A. Lager is the name. It’s brewed in Denmark but I’m guessing that he intended to convey the idea that this was a true All American beer. It starts out with a great head which settles down and sticks to the glass as you drink it. (Apparently that’s called lacing, very fancy!) There are some lovely citrussy, piney hops and it’s quite dry. It’s 5% and I’d happily drink it on a session. If only a pub around here would stock a fine beverage like this!

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