Do you know the five lamps?


After last night’s heavily hopped madness I had to tone it down a little this evening. (For the record I followed the Of Foam and Fury with a few Punk IPAs because it was on draft and a Sierra Nevada Hoptimum because it was there.) Five Lamps Brewery is a relatively new arrival on the Irish craft brewing scene. Their beer is currently being made in the 8 Degrees brewery.
First up was the Five Lamps Craft Lager. Now if you’ve read some of the earlier blogs this week you’re aware of my ambivalence towards lager. This does at least taste of something. It has a thin head. It is drinkable enough but not that memorable. I won’t be in a rush to have it again.

Next I had their Liberties Ale. This is an old fashioned ale with a slightly more complex palate than the lager. There’s a decent hops/malt balance. It’s not at all bad and is by far the better of the two. These are both available in good Dublin pubs and Off Licenses. I picked them up in Deveny’s. I have a few more interesting ones lined up for the coming week.

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  1. Sean "sad panda" Kelly. says:

    They should really make a beer called “Go hang your bollocks”.

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