Scientific research time: Beer from a can vs from a bottle


The old debate rears it’s head again! A comment was made recently that;  ‘…anyone who says they can tell the difference is a liar!’ I took that as a gauntlet being thrown down and vowed to take up the challenge.
My wife agreed to help. She blindfolded me. Now, she does that every Friday night, but this was different. It was purely in the interests of science and the pursuit of truth.

Sierra Nevada was chosen for the challenge as it’s a quality beer produced with care. Both beers were treated exactly the same. Cool room followed by half an hour in the fridge. wife poured the can and the bottle into tumblers and noted which was which. I said straight after tasting which was which. I can’t quite put my finger on whether it’s the difference in the head or a slight metal taste from the can but as far as I’m concerned there is a difference and I will be sticking with bottles when given the choice.

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  1. labeerscene says:

    All in the name of science. If you don’t mind, I am going to update my Can vs. Bottle blog with a link to this post. So, it was a no-brainer for you?

  2. Adrian Cusack says:

    Interesting. While I haven’t done any blind taste tests, I’ve really enjoyed any craft beer I’ve tried from a can (the best being Dale’s Pale Ale, which I had in the U.S.). Brewdog’s Punk IPA is another possibility for a can v. bottle challenge.

  3. What a great idea for a post! I’d love to try this too one day. Good job on the blog btw…

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