Black is the colour of my true love’s heart, I mean hair, eh, I mean beer.


It’s the long dark night of the mid Winter solstice. What better to drink than some dark beer. First I had Founder’s Porter.  I have waxed lyrical about their brews in previous blogs. This dark lady does not let the side down. It smells like coffee and has a smoky taste. Founder’s challenge the status quo of what a proper porter tastes like.


Thornbridge’s Raven Black IPA is a different beast. Again there is some coffee aroma but it’s freshened up with some fruitiness. It’s fresh and wonderfully complex. It’s not cheap at about €5 for a 500ml bottle but it’s worth every cent. Both of these fine beers are available in O’Brien’s and other good off licences. 
I may do a part two of the Winter Ales over the next few days!

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