Atlanta Airport Beers


Sometimes you are pleasantly surprised by what you find while waiting for a connecting flight! My eagle eyed wife spotted the Sweetwater Brewing Company and we had an hour to kill so, why not?


I had the LowRYEder to kick off, you’d never guess, it was a Rye PA! It was quaffable with a decent amount of hops but not what I’d call a hop bomb.


Next I had their ‘seasonal’ offering. It was a brown ale that tasted mostly of milk chocolate. Decent but not unmissable. I don’t know much else about these beers and the staff didn’t appear that interested in telling me about them but I’ve passed worse hours! Next stop Las Vegas….

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  1. Sean Breslin says:

    Sweetwater is one of the favorites of the city, and they’re very popular. I’ve learned to like their taste, but it took a while to acquire!


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