A right pair of bastards!


Bastards can be quite an offensive word depending on the context. In this instance it refers to the rather ornery looking elderly gents of the type depicted on the labels.  Now as I am a rabid Founder’s fan the following may be a little biased. Anyway Dirty Bastard is a Scotch Ale from Founder’s. Sometimes the Scots would dub this beer a ‘Wee Heavy’. It’s a rich ruby colour and is boldly flavoured and full of character. It’s spicy and more warming than a bowl of porridge. Recommended.

Backwoods Bastard is I’m pretty sure the same beer but it has been aged in bourbon barrels which kicks the strength up to over 10%. This is lovely, it’s a darker brown than the Dirty Bastard. It has all of the same endearing qualities just turned up to eleven. The bourbon flavours make it even warmer. Damn near perfect.

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  1. saira777 says:

    Haha! the names are brilliant! And they sound delicious!

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