#Not For Gays


The Olympics have finished but oppression of the gay community is alive and well in Russia. I don’t think many would say you don’t even have to travel that far to see the ugly face of homophobia. Panti Bliss brought this to the fore right here at home. Brew Dog has a grand tradition of irreverence and this is a fitting continuation of that. The pop art label depicts a rather camp Vladimir Putin. The notes of the label don’t pull any punches.


The beer? I suppose it’s easy to get distracted by the distinctive label. I was a little tempted to drink it from a West Coast Cooler glass, as if the camp factor needed to be amped up, but in the end I couldn’t do it.The beer is a double IPA with added limmonik berries. The berries are supposed to aid sexual prowess, that’s always handy! Citra hops give it a bitter taste and the berries add to the tartness. I am a fan of Brew Dog and this is up there with their best.

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