…and now for something completely different! Hairy Japanese beer!


Enough of the green beer, potato stout, green jumpers, flat caps and all of that blarney!*
It’s time for something fresh and new. Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale from Japan’s Kiuchi Brewery would seem to fit the bill. When I hear about rice being used in beer I am reminded of Budweiser and the likes and would be hesitant to willingly drink them to say the least. I’m glad I took a punt on this one though. The label promised a rose pink colour, I’d call it more of an amber myself. It’s like a rather nice Belgian style ale.  There is sake yeast used in this beer but as I have never had sake I wasn’t able to pinpoint it. Well balanced bittersweet quality, I may have to reappraise my opinion of rice beer.

*Potato stout is a real thing.
*I promise I’ll put away the green jumper and flat cap til next year.

Edit: the hairy Japanese thing is a reference to the comedy series Father Ted, I like Ted am not a racist! Go watch it if you haven’t already!

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