Bella beers from Italy


The first beer isn’t strictly Italian as it was a collaborative effort from Dogfishhead and Birra Del Borgo. I read The Beer Nut’s post about My Antonia and had to try it. ( There’s not much I can say that he hasn’t already said very eloquently. It’s an Imperial Pilsner which is a strange sort of a beer to say the least. Everything about it works though from the bottle and label to the rich amber colour of the beer. The flavours are perfectly balanced with fruit mellowing the hops out, man! Pretty damn near perfect beer.


Ama Mora by Birra Amarcord is a different but still attractive proposition. Again it comes in a seductive bottle. And again there is an American influence. Garrett Oliver from Brooklyn ‘designed’ the beer. It’s an Imperial Stout with Italian coffee and Malawi sugar. It’s a big beer. I found it quite creamy and it got better as it warmed up. It’s not a beer you’d rush. Very enjoyable.

I got the My Antonia from
I’m not sure where I picked up the Ama Mora. It was hidden away in the ‘cellar’ for a while. If I had known it was that good it wouldn’t have lasted as long!

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  1. hopsenbarley says:

    Interesting brewery. I tried the Bruna – Birra Artigianale Da Tavolta from the same brewery a few months ago, never heard of it before. You don’t usually see too many Italian beers in the US, but it was good. Sort of like a Chimay.

    • Just going on those two there seems to be some kind of Italian American mutual appreciation society. I’m all for it! Dogfish head don’t distribute over here so that was a bit of a treat for me! I’ll keep an eye out for that Bruna, cheers…

  2. simon682 says:

    Wish I’d thought of exploring the world of beer when I was drinking.

    • To be fair there wasn’t the same selection available even five years ago… you can still sample culinary delights from around the globe. I remember the grape cure at the Bardolini wine festival, you could drink that and Italian food is so good…

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