A trio of English Ales, a good place to start!


Fuller’s beers have featured here once or twice before but I think it’s worth saying that if you’ve never had a London Pride then you really should. They are available everywhere so do yourself a favour. They aren’t fancy beers but rather a classic ale in every way.


Brains SA is a Welsh English Ale if I can call it that! The aroma hits you the moment you pop the cap. I gave this a poor rating on Untappd when I tried it first but I think I was overly harsh. I was reading about a cheese being washed in the beer on the Grill and Barrel blog if I remember correctly and I said I’d have to try it again and I’m glad I did. Worth a try, similar enough to London Pride.


While I’m on the subject of Fuller’s their India Pale Ale is also great. It’s firmly in the English style so it could be a good one for you if you’re yet to become a rabid hop monster. I had it with a fairly spicy chilli con carne and the combination worked well. So there’s a nice few accessible beers for you to pick up for the coming weekend…

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  1. Nico Guba says:

    I love Fuller’s London Pride. It is a true classic!

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