A bit of a waste really…


This weeks big beer for watching Game of Thrones was Brooklyn Brewery’s’s Black Ops. I had the cage removed and the cork popped and was trying to get a good sniff of the aroma. Nothing! I have a bit of a head cold and I tried everything to clear my airways to no avail. I didn’t realise that my sense of smell was out of action or I wouldn’t have opened it at all. My wife tells me there’s a serious smell of bourbon off it. I’m just going to have to get another bottle and give it a proper go. I was very frustrated, a real first world problem! That was some speech from Tyrion though, eh?

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  1. terryhickey says:

    I’ve done this before, just getting over a cold and craving a really good beer and oops wasted a great one one a mutet palette. I now keep a few lesser beers around for these times, stuff that is still good but generally reserved for guests who don’t like great beer.

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