American Craft Beers that can…


When I spotted this pair of cans in Deveney’s, Dundrum the other evening I got inordinately excited. I had heard that Oskar Blues made seriously good beers and I had not spotted an Evil Twin in the wild before.


The Evil Twin Hipster Ale was my first victim. I have been labelled a hipster before but I don’t really think that the term means anything anymore. I had it with an unhipterish repast of roast chicken, spuds, carrots and gravy. ( Oh, okay then, corn fed chicken stuffed with lemon and thyme grown in our herb garden, new season baby potatoes, fresh organic baby carrots and a jus!) Evil Twin just happens to be Mikkeller’s brother and he is equally adept at the whole brewing thing. It’s a perfect punchy Pale Ale. And the can is cool too!


Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale comes in a more traditional American looking can. Oskar Blues were the first craft brewery to start canning their beers. They have become hugely popular over the past twenty years and are now even available on some American flights. (Aeroplane flights not beer flights, although I’m sure you could get them as part of a beer flight as well!) This is a first class Pale Ale and I will definitely be picking up more than one can the next time I see it.

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6 Responses to American Craft Beers that can…

  1. terryhickey says:

    That Oskar Blues Pale Ale quickly climbed to the top of my pale ale ladder, easily in my top 5 pales ale’s now. Haven’t seen the Evil Twin Hipster, but I make a point in trying all their beer whenever I see it.

  2. Seán Kelly says:

    I am right this minute drinking an Evil Twin Hipster Ale. It’s “meh” at best. I could honestly believe it’s just a slightly hoppier main stream pale lager. There is nothing “good” about this beer. It’s not a “bad” beer, it’s just not worth buying again, ever.

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