Camden ‘Hipster Juice’?


A friend of mine, we’ll call him Mr Authentic, saw my picture of the purchases I had made in Deveney’s the other day and speculated that I would be very disappointed by the ‘Hipster Juice’ aka the beers from the Camden Town Brewery. Well here’s what I thought, I’m going to tell you about two today and two tomorrow.


I started with the Camden Hells which is a Helles Lager. The first thing that grabbed me was the citrussy grapefruit smell. It went down shockingly easy and I would say it’s a Helluva good beer. (I find bad jokes and puns irresistible.)


Then I had the Camden Pale Ale. It has seven different kinds of hops, do you actually want to know all of them?Citra, Cascade, Columbus, Centennial, Calypso and a couple that don’t start with ‘c’, Amarillo and Simcoe. It’s not as hoppy as you might expect from that long list. I would describe it as a fairly one dimensional American style Pale Ale while it’s still very drinkable I’d choose the Hells over it. Tune in tomorrow for the next gripping installment.

Thanks to Cuddles for all of her help with today’s blog.

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4 Responses to Camden ‘Hipster Juice’?

  1. Seán Kelly says:

    Twas the pale ale I thought you’d be most disappointed with. It’s a fierce average beer.

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