Long hot Summer in Ireland?


Smithwick’s Long Summer ‘Crafted Ale’ is the second seasonal beer they have produced following in the wake of their Winter Spirit. It was all of €2 in Dunnes Stores so I said I’d try a bottle. Aside from the risible ‘craft’ references there is also mention of noble hops and green tea and citrus aroma. I didn’t get much of either but I have to say it was far from the worst beer I’ve ever drank. It’s a bit bland but that’s not a surprise. I may have been more generous if I didn’t know who made it but it’s hard to drink it without some preconceived ideas.  Are the big breweries feeling under pressure from their ale loving micro competitiors? Are we going to get the long summer they’re hoping for?

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  1. The Beer Nut says:

    I wouldn’t say pressure, exactly, but they do know that’s where the growth is, and would quite like a piece of it.

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