Brewsters of the World Unite!


In March Brewsters across the globe made beers on International Women’s Day. The beers were made to promote the Pink Boots Society of Professional Women in Beer and raise money for charities. I previously stated in error that Unite was a collaborative effort from Metalman and Dungarvan. The good news is that they actually made separate brews, so, that’s more beer to go round! I’ve written about Metalman’s beer which I had at The Porterhouse Irish Craft Beer Festival already and I was happy to find Kinnegar’s Maiden Voyage at Bloom. It’s a 3.8% Pale Ale and I’d love to have a few of them lined up for a lazy Summer afternoon session. Despite the low alcohol content no punches are pulled when it comes to flavour. It’s got enough hops in there to keep anyone interested. More of this type of beer would be great!

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