Happy Father’s Day!


So my wife wanted to know what I wanted for Father’s Day, I asked for a home made light box for my beer pictures. That’s a Gose from Brown Paper Bag Project which has been reviewed here before, back when it launched in February. I think she did a great job, we just need to invest in a couple of desk lamps. The ‘Dapper Dad’ glass may be wishful thinking on my wife’s part and the girls only said ‘Happy Father’s Day’ when prompted BUT they were full of compliments this morning: ‘You smell nice Daddy’ and ‘I like your glasses’, they know how vain I am! Anyway, being a Dad can be challenging, (ask my Dad, he had to raise me! And he taught me how to drink; ‘hold the glass in your hand until it gets warm, then take a sip, wait an hour, then take another sip) but it’s also full of little rewards. Happy Father’s Day everyone! 


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