A Mexican Bulldog – Beer Cocktail


My rather roundabout way home from Dublin after the weekend took me via the Zoo, Ikea and Dundrum. The last time we were in Dundrum, Cortina’s caught our attention, next time, we decided. They have a huge variety of tequilas but the Mexican Bulldog sounded good to me. It’s a Corona upended into a frozen Margarita. I said I’d be awkward and order it with a Brooklyn Lager instead. Oh yeah, that’s a great Summer drink right there! Now I just have to figure out how to make them myself.


We had the salsa sampler to start. It’s addictive, luckily the proprietor, a genial Clare man was quick to replenish the chips and salsa as we worked through them. I could just have stayed happily nibbling away at that all night.


Three Burritos were ordered for the table, chicken, pork and steak. The pork and steak were declared the tastiest and we were all satisfied with the portions. I think we all left a little on plates. We shall return. 

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