Beer is fantastic!


Athlone man James Mullally came home for his holidays, but he asked me if there was anything I’d like brought back from the USA.  He threw a few names out and one of them was Victory. The above book highly recommended their Prima Pils. (My Mum bought the book for me, I’m getting well looked after this weather)
The recommendation from the book and from Mr Mullally was spot on. It’s a fantastic example of a classic beer style. Everything about it from the aroma to the taste is nigh on faultless. If you’re on the East Coast or you know someone that is, check it out! Sláinte!


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  1. phirx says:

    I am going to look for this one Simon. I had a Victory Headwaters Pale Ale last week at the pub, so I know at least some of their beers make it down here!

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