What’s your favourite beer snack?


I was munching on these super healthy pretzel pieces last night and they started me off reminiscing about the pretzel with cheese and sausage I had in The Flying Saucer, Memphis. Obviously anything pork related is always a win with beer and you can never go far wrong with chicken wings! Tell me what’s your favourite, let’s see if we can share some new snack ideas!


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0 Responses to What’s your favourite beer snack?

  1. simon682 says:

    You can’t go far wrong with a good pork pie.

  2. phirx says:

    White cheddar cheese popcorn, or roasted pistachios (in the shell to slow me down) if the beer I’m drinking is more of a sipper…I must admit surprise at seeing a Snyder’s of Hanover bag in the photo above – I had no idea they distributed outside the US.

  3. Nico Guba says:

    Weisswurst, Obazta, Radi, Pressack and naturally, a Leberkas! Love Bavarian beer hall snacks 😉

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