Fizzy? Yes! Yellow? Yes! Piss? No!


Are you looking for a great Summer thirst quencher? Check out Augustiner’s Lagerbier Hell! I had it on tap on my last visit to Munich but sadly did it the wrong way round and had it after their Dunkel and Weisse. It’s available in bottles in Ireland and it’s a shining example of what a lager should be.


Thornbridge’s strike gold once again with their Twin Peaks Anglo American Pale Ale. This was brewed with hops supplied by the nice people of Sierra Nevada. It’s a really excellent Pale Ale, seek it out.


Ps: I really enjoyed the responses about yesterday’s Beer Snacks post.
Pork Pies from English Man Simon.
White Cheddar Popcorn from Phirx Nashville.
Weissewurst, Obzata, Radi, Pressack and Leberkas from Nico the Bavarian.
And Pizza from Cork Man Dave ‘Stout and Ale’ O’Driscoll!

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  1. phirx says:

    Except pizza isn’t a snack it’s a meal. Make mine pizza if it’s included in the snack category!

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