Little Beer that could kill & my home made light box


London’s Weird Beard has brought the world a series of sessionable IPAs called Little Things That Kill. Each batch features different hops. This one was from the fourth batch and it’s packing Chinook and Amarillo. The label is frankly, threatening, and I was shaken after reading it. I steeled myself anyway and got stuck in. Phowar there’s a whole lot of hoppy flavour in it for a 3.9% beer! Worth picking up if you can find it, I’m sure subsequent batches will be equally kick ass!


I mentioned before that I had been made a light box by my multi talented wife for Father’s Day. Here it is now with two lamps! I love it, and she’s pretty chuffed with herself too!

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  1. Nice review, the photo with the lightbox looks great!

  2. phirx says:

    Yes, the photo is terrific! You’re stepping up the production values now!

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