Wired on Beer and Pizza


We tried out our pizza stone last night. The results were ‘rustic’ looking and delicious. I had pepperoni, oregano, goats cheese, mozzarella and cheddar on mine. Pizza and beer go together like Romeo and Juliet but without the tragedy. 8 Wired is a New Zealand brewery that have produced a one of the best IPAs ever in Hopwired. They describe it as a ‘tropical punchbowl’, I couldn’t fault that description. The hoppiness cut right through all of that cheese I had on my pizza. A slice of heaven.


What could I do after that only turn up the hopometre? Super Conductor has 80% more hops than the already hoppy Hop Wired, if you can believe that! Try to imagine someone soaking a face cloth in lemon and grapefruit juice and wiping every bit of the inside of your mouth with it. Well it’s a bit like that, only not as tickly! I did find myself comparing it to Of Foam and Fury but I shouldn’t have, it’s not a competition.  Both are available from Bradley’s in Cork and if you like hops you need to do yourself a favour! 


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  1. timadae says:

    I love the hopwired! It’s my go to special occasion beer. They’re re-wired brown is a nice take on a classic style I’d be interested to see what you think if you get to try it

  2. terryhickey says:

    These are both nice ones, glad the see they are making out your way.

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