Founder’s Rubaes Rasberry Ale


I’m a big fan of Founder’s beers. I’d put them up there with my all time favourite breweries. When I heard O’Brien’s had their Rubaes in, sure I had to try it. I was fairly confident that my wife, a sweet cider fan would like it too. Eh, I was wrong, she declared it ‘still tastes bitter like beer’, now while I know it’s not as sweet as a radler I found it hard going. I kept thinking of cough syrup. I didn’t pour it down the sink, I hate waste, but I was tempted. Give it a try and see what you think yourself.

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  1. Seán Kelly says:

    I liked it. Has to be ice cold and drink quickly though, I did the wrap it in wet kitchen roll and put it in the freezer for 30 minutes trick. Grand beer for this weather.

    • Always the opposite eh Sean, you are the Yin to my Yang, or something, it was cool but not ice cold when I drank it so you might be on to something there! Dunno if I’m willing to risk it again though…

  2. Seán Kelly says:

    The lads in DrinkStore warned me to make sure it was ice cold as it gets sickly as it warms up, so I took their advice. It’s insanely sweet and reminded me of Raspberry coulis at times but it’s also got a nice acidic kick to it which makes it’s tart rather than sour or bitter. You wouldn’t be able to drink it all night but it’s still a decent beer. It’s getting extremely good ratings on line in the whole as well. If you’re expecting a respberry lambic or some other funky yeast based fruit beer you’ll be disappointed, but if you just want something sweet with a little fresh berry tartness to it, it’s well worth trying.

  3. Seán Kelly says:

    I nearly could have made a blog post out of those two!
    I normally wouldn’t be a fruit beer far, I don’t even really like Lambics (fruit or otherwise), and I usually shy away from any beer that’s very sweet but I found it enjoyable, but sure as the man says, mileage may vary!

  4. phirx says:

    Huh Simon. I liked it when I tried it about two months ago. But – I had it on draft, and after some very bitter IPAs. So maybe I was anaesthetized to the sweetness by the time I got to it.

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