Beer Advocate’s Hall of Fame


When I finally got a bottle of Pliny The Elder recently I thought my quest for great beer was over. It was the one that had eluded me for the longest time and my mountain of anticipation was huge. The beer was great but like finishing a really good book the completion of a quest is always tinged with a little regret. A lot of the thrill is in the chase.


When I went down through the Beer Advocate top rated 250 I noted that I’ve had 72 of them. That’s not quite a third. I was glad to see some beers on the list that I hadn’t even heard of until recently such as Finest Kind IPA from Smuttynose.


I was also happy to see Franziskaner on the list and I can get that on draft a mile up the road from my house.


Now obviously no one should need a list to tell them what beer to enjoy but it’s a useful tool like a map, only you can decide where you want to go! Now I’m going to have to get me some of that Heady Topper!

*You didn’t honestly think I’d given up, did you?

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  1. Lar Savage says:

    Finest kind and 2 or 3 others from smuttynose are now available in molloys off licence’s

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