When Irish Ryes Are Smiling


N17’s Rye Ale is one that has featured here before when I had it draft. I wasn’t overly happy with it then and planned to revisit it from a bottle. I think I can safely say there was definitely something wrong with the draft. This beer was zippy and fresh. It’s got that bittersweet balance bang on. Lovely beer.


Eight Degrees Simcoe Rye Ale is their  latest special. At least I think it is. They’re producing beers at a serious rate, it’s difficult to keep track! This one is as citrussy as a big bag of juicy oranges. There’s just a hint of rye buried under the hops. I have heard Simcoe likened to Marmite in the way that it polarises taste. Well I’m firmly in the love it camp for this one. Sláinte! 

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