Sean Lightholder’s Pumpkin Ales: Guest Post – Unita


Nineteenth in the series of 2014 pumpkin beer is Uinta’s Punk’n Harvest Pumpkin Ale.
A very promising waft of harvest spice greets the drinker of this beer. Initially, a smooth
malt character greets the palate, but then a sharp unpleasant flavor interrupts the
experience. The second sip was much the same: smells great, starts great, and then
goes wrong.
I made my way through the whole bottle of this beer quizzically trying to figure out how it
starts so well and ends so badly. I could not figure it out: is that sourness? Soap? Faint
burned flavor? The aroma is right on and the initial taste is fantastic…perhaps the
distributer left the six­pack I bought out in the sun.
This would be a good beer to drink if you could enjoy only the first 1­2 seconds (before
the unpleasant flavors take hold). Disappointing.

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  1. yikes, good brewery, must have been a shipping issue

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