Simon’s Pumpkin Ale’s : not a guest post!


Trouble’s Pumpkin Brew is the only Irish Pumpkin Ale at the moment * and it’s one of the few that have escaped the clutches of my arch nemesis** Sean Lightholder. I’ll never know how he hacked into my wordpress! This beer has been dubbed ‘the worst idea in the history of bad ideas’ in some circles. I’d like to disagree with that statement. Like many other fine things in this life Pumpkin Ale is an acquired taste. I’m not saying there aren’t any bad ones but Trouble’s isn’t one of them. Last year I had it on draught in The Bull and Castle. This year I picked up a few bottles in O’Brien’s Off Licence, Athlone.   I had it with a smore surprise. 


I have to say it was a winning combination, the sweetness of the marshmallows was tempered by the spice in the beer. Try it if you haven’t yet. You might even like it!


I’ve already mentioned Kentucky’s seasonal Pumpkin Barrel Ale which I had at the launch of next year’s Alltech Craft Beer Fair. As I said it smells like pumpkin pie but it’s deceptively strong at 10%. Again I recommend giving it a try, it won’t be around forever. Sláinte!

* Kinnegar are making a Christmas beer which will have pumpkin in it.
** He’s not REALLY my arch nemesis.

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