A pair of Colgan’s from the Rye River Brewery


A fellow beer aficionado alerted me to the fact that there were a few new Irish Craft Beers in Tesco. It turns out that they are new releases from Kildare’s Rye River Brewery. They are, if you will, the more grown up relatives of the McGargles. The branding is more restrained and they are obviously aimed at a totally different consumer. The new beers are labelled Colgan’s, after a brewing family from Kildare’s past and Solas. Last night I sampled two of the Colgan’s. The IPA is pretty decent. It’s not the hoppiest IPA I’ve ever had but I wouldn’t turn my nose up at another one. Which is just as well as they’re only sold as a four pack and I’ve three left! 


The second from the range is their Wheat Beer. I liked it, again it’s not terribly adventurous but I can imagine sitting out in the garden with one on a sunny day. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about the pair dubbed Solas. Sláinte!

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