What’s your favourite beer of 2014?


It being the time of year for this sort of thing I want to ask you; what was the beer you enjoyed most in 2014? Let me know which Irish brew did it for you and which international tipple tickled your fancy. Please comment here or on the Simon Says Facebook page or on the Twitter. I’ll leave it open for a week, I might even dig out a prize for one of you lucky people! Sláinte!

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9 Responses to What’s your favourite beer of 2014?

  1. Gary says:

    Crazy Horse for me

  2. Roy W says:

    Best Northern Irish – Farmageddon’s Mosaic Smash.
    Best International – Townshend’s Flemish stout

  3. Roy W says:

    Best Irish – White Hag Imperial oatmeal stout

  4. Brett Domue says:

    Best Irish Beer: Hard to choose, especially with the great selection from EBBC, but looking back, the O’hara’s Lublin to Dublin actually was the one that resounded most with me this year.

    Best overall: Wow, even harder! Looks like I have over 850 checkins on untappd this year. Only 7 5-stars though. I’ll give the edge to Smonk from De Struise Brouwers, as well as my first successful tasting of Pliny the Younger.

  5. Best over all beer: Black Boar

    Best Pale Ale or IPA: Bran & Sceolan (White Hag)

    Best Red or Amber: Fleadh Ale (White Hag)

    Best Brown: Big Bear (Trouble Brewing)

    Best Stout or Porter: Wrasslers (Porterhouse)

    Best Lager: Steam Boat (Galway Bay)

    Best Double/Imperial (Pale): Of Foam and Fury (Galway Bay)

    Best Double/Imperial (Dark): Black Boar (White Hag)

    Honourable Mention to 200 Fathoms by GBB, I think I might be suffering from how long ago it’s been since I had it but as of right now, I’m edging the award to Black Boar because I can clearly remember it, I had one last week 😛

    I don’t think it’s fair/workable to compare imperial/double IPA’s or stouts to their lower abv versions, so I gave them their own categories, because I can.

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