8 Degrees guarantee a Hoppy Christmas!


Around this time last year 8 Degrees brought us the ‘Back to Black’ series and I liked it a lot. This year they’re spoiling us with ‘A Very Imperial Winter’. The first one I had was the Russian Imperial Stout which was a tweaked version of last years. This one has more coffee, I had it first as part of the November Athlone Beer Club meet up in Kin Khao when James Vanguard brought us down some of the first bottles. I ordered it again from Bradley’s so that I could have a whole one myself! It’s excellent.


The Belgian Dubbel packs in all of the Christmas spices we know and love. It’s a sipper though and I wouldn’t have minded sharing this one.


Did you like the Full Irish? Then you’ll love this! The Double Irish takes the idea of using Irish single malt and turns it up to eleven. I thought it was fantastic. The New World hops had a big party in my mouth. Highly recommended. Sláinte!

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