Just drink the beer!

That’s right, open the cellar, dark press* or cardboard box in a cool room and get stuck in! Unless it’s a barleywine or barrel aged stout now is when it will taste best. Invite a friend or two around to share your beer bounty. Enjoy it!


With that in mind I cracked open the can of Mama’s Little Yella Pils from Oskar Blues. I love Dale’s Pale Ale and so expectations were high. It was a nice Pilsner, crisp and easy to drink but I was a little disappointed. It didn’t exactly blow me away. Probably my own fault for leaving it up for six months! 


Matt Total Ales Curtis has been bigging up Camden’s IHL on the twitter for what seems like an age so when I spotted it in Redmond’s, Ranelagh a couple of cans went straight into my basket. It’s an India Hells Lager, so basically a hoppier lager than you’d expect. I didn’t waste any time opening this can, it didn’t even see the inside of the fridge. Holy fuck! It’s bloody lovely. It’s hopped with Chinook, Magnum, Mohawk and Simcoe. Balance is provided by the Carapils, Munich and Pilsner malts. It’s like a mouthful of tropical and citrus juicy fruits except it’s a beer! You really need to try this. Also check out the awesome selection in Redmond’s for yourself!


* a ‘press’ is a cupboard, I just hate that word. I’m not a huge fan of ‘alcove’ either…

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