I borrowed this idea from Boak and Bailey, who in turn took their inspiration from someone else. ( They reckoned that St Austell’s Proper Job could do with a hint of the wild Brettanomyces yeast as found in Orval. I added a third of a pint of Orval to two thirds Proper Job.


And while some may say this is a perfectly good way to spoil two good beers, I disagree. I found they meshed very well together. The hops of the Proper Job benefiting greatly from the addition of the Belgian esters. Give it a try yourself. Both beers are easily got and not too expensive so you’ve not got a lot to lose. I’m not much of a man for blending beers, Evil Twin’s Yin & Yang was the last I remember mixing and that’s what they were made for, who knows, this may have unleashed the mad scientist within me. Sláinte!


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4 Responses to Properorval

  1. Paul says:

    oh this is were i can find that proper job everyones going on about

  2. Paul says:

    oh i don’t like diy jobs, those are the type of the misses makes me do when she’s trying to sleep

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