Fierce trendy beers altogether! Part 1


Siren are one of the current crop of ‘cool’ English breweries. But let’s not hold that against them. Yeah they have a seductive female on the artwork, and the bottle caps sport a stylish ‘s’, so far, so appealing. The beer? Well the Undercurrent American Pale Ale has some of those familiar citrussy Cascade hops and the less so Palisade hops. These are balanced out with barley and oats. The end result is, to my mind, a very well put together beer.


Siren’s Soundwave IPA is a beer that is very much in the American West Coast style. It smells great with lots of mango and sweet pineapple notes. The taste it’s dry and bitter with a lot of grapefruit. It has as much going on as many of it’s stronger brothers or sisters! Well worth a try. Sláinte!

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  1. I tried their Caribbean Chocolate Cake beer. Described as a tropical stout – it was both exotic and erotic!

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