Fierce trendy beers altogether! Part 2


Brew By Numbers are very cool. They’re from that London for a start and in a stark contrast to Siren’s seductive labelling they have gone for something a lot simpler. Every beer is numbered, the first two numbers indicate the style and the second pair tell us which recipe was used. So you have a Saison which is brewed with Citra as pictured above. It’s different AND clever, one of those ‘why has nobody thought of this before’ ideas! I figured 01 01 was a very good place to start. It’s citrussy, quite dry and refreshing. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a hoppy farmhouse ale. I liked it.


I then skipped down the numbers chart to 11 05 for a Session IPA which also contained Citra hops. It was less carbonated than the Saison. It’s medium bodied and ever so slightly oily. Again you’ve got that lovely citrussy flavour but it’s got enough malt to balance it out nicely. It would be a good session beer if it was available in my local! Sláinte!

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