Solar Flights from Wicklow Wolf Brewery


Falconer’s Flight is a limited run Blonde Ale from Wicklow Wolf. Naturally it features Falconer’s Flight hops pretty prominently along with some Pilgrim hops. Falconer’s Flight is a special hop blend from the American North West. They give the beer a wonderful tropical fruity flavour. It’s very moreish. Check it out while you can. 


The Solar Eclipse Saison was pouring at the recent Alltech Brews and Food Fair. This beer is to mark the solar eclipse on the morning of the 20th of March. So I’ve written this just in time! To echo the sentiments of Wayne ‘Irish Beer Snob’ Dunne it tasted a whole lot better when it wasn’t following a whole load of hop bombs! I enjoyed it at the time but to try it with fresh taste buds is a far better idea. Again some unusual hops are used, this time it was the turn of Mandarina Bavaria hops which give it a citrussy aroma. It’s spicy and dry, a very ‘grown up’ beer, I don’t mean that it’s boring, it’s complex and unusual and it deserves your full attention. This is another limited beer so pick up the pair sooner rather than later. Sláinte!

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    The reader in me was in need of a write of a beer. Thanks. Thirst satisfied.

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