Athlone Beer Club: March Meeting in The Malt House

Rob hosted this month’s Beer Club in The Malt House, here’s his account of the night:

With Simon away in France trying to find some Mickey Mouse beer, the Beer Club met in The Malt House, Athlone. Arriving a bit earlier than normal, I decided to start the night off with a good reliable Scraggy Bay from Kinnegar, (Forgive the pictures, I’m by no means, a good photographer).  


As members started to arrive, we took our usual seats and decided to try out the “Cute Hoor”. Unfortunately I was aware of who produced it and I think this may have tainted my perception of it, but tried it none the less. I was not impressed. After getting some other opinions from members who didn’t know who produced it, the consensus was that it was a pretty poor beer. But, try a glass yourself and see what you think. Ours was served in a very apt glass. 


Without Simon to guide us (cracking the whip as he does), it was quite a laissez faire event, with members trying out what was on offer from the Malt House menu. 
My next beer was “Buck It” from Black Donkey Brewing, the bunny ears do not come with the bottle. A very tasty ale in my opinion, but it had some lovers and some not-so-lovers 

(hate is such a strong word). 


While others opted for Bo Bristles IPA or Coalface, next on up was Reel Deal’s “Jack the Lad”. One I haven’t had before, I didn’t know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised with its smell and flavour. 
We even had two new faces at this event, thankfully we didn’t seem to scare them away and they were just as enthusiastic about the beer as we were. 


As the night progressed smoothly, next up was the Kinnegar “Rustbucket”. One of my favourites and generally liked by all, it’s a tasty rye ale looks and smells good, no complaints there. 


And finally, last but not least (well last that I recall), was Bo Bristles “Nitro Stout”. This was my first time having it, despite being told to try it several times 
previous. I found it to be quite light despite being a stout, which I thought was great, as it had quite a fresh taste to it. Once again, it was well received at our table. 


All in all a good night was had, it was great to see new faces at the event and hopefully they’ll be back for the next one. 

… Thanks for that Rob and hosts The Malt House, until next time, slàinte! 

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