Heeding the Siren’s call!


These are the second two beers I’ve had from Siren. I really enjoyed their Soundwave and Undercurrent and so was looking forward to these. Ironically they were sitting in my ‘cellar’ for about a month and I had forgotten about them. But that meant that I had two opportunities to get excited about them!
Liquid Mistress is a Red IPA or an American style Amber depending how pedantic you are. It looks amazing for starters, especially if you like big foamy heads. The aroma of grapefruit and citrus hops hits you first and as you get into it you pick up more digestive biscuit malty flavours. And sure isn’t that what you want? I was very impressed with this beer.
Broken Dream is a 6% Breakfast Stout which means that unlike say, Founder’s KBS you could actually drink it for breakfast. (Unless of course you work in an establishment where such practices are frowned upon or you have to be at the helm of moving machinery. ) This beer is a very satisfying shade of black and it has a dark tan head. It tastes of high cacao content black chocolate and proper coffee. The oats lend the beer some smoothness. So, another great beer from Siren, I’m going to have to keep an eye out for more of their beers. Sláinte!


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2 Responses to Heeding the Siren’s call!

  1. simon682 says:

    I trust you are a fan of the big creamy head. Delicious sounding, as ever.

    • It depends on the beer. Some of the stronger beers have very little, actually now that I think of it a lot of your traditional English ales wouldn’t have much in the way of a head would they? ( hark back to your drinking days for that one! )

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