Athlone Beer Club: April Meet Up


Athlone Beer Clubbers will be glad to hear that we are meeting this Friday (24th of April) night at 9pm in O’Brien’s Off License for a beer tasting. We will spend an hour or so there and then we have short walk to The Shack where we will have a few more beers and some finger food. Some of you will be happy to hear that they have Black Donkey’s Sheep Stealer on draught. All welcome as usual. Also, a quick reminder, our Brew Day in Bo Bristle is on the 2nd of May. Sláinte!


PS: we’re going to be sampling five beers in O’Brien’s for a fiver!


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2 Responses to Athlone Beer Club: April Meet Up

  1. simon682 says:

    Quite an array. Is that a bottle of Old Scruttocks Cornwangler on the bottom shelf?

  2. simon682 says:

    My favourite sort these days.

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