Three beers from Seven Bro7hers


Manchester’s Seven Bro7hers Brewery is carrying on a family tradition of home brewing. A trip to Oslo inspired them to start production on a larger scale. They aspire to brew well made accessible beers. They’ve now started to be distributed in Ireland by Four Corners so I was able to order a few bottles from I had the IPA first. It was as ‘crisp and aromatic’ as the label promised and the added grapefruit means it’s pleasantly dry. The perfect beer to wake up your palate.


The EPA or English Pale Ale is a mellower affair. I got citrus aromas again as well as some fresh cut grass but I may have imagined that, it is grass cutting season after all. I enjoyed it with some salmon cakes.


The final musketeer was indeed a Stout lad. The Stout Porter was nicely rounded beer and you could drink it all year round. All three beers are pretty easy going and at around the 4-5% reasonably sessional.  Here’s a fairly comprehensive list of where you can pick these up:
Baggot Street Wines
Drink Store
Carry Outs
Blackrock Cellar,
Mace SCR
Bull and Castle
Reddy’s Off Licence
Donnybrook Fair
Ballymore Inn
SuperValu Talbot Street/Tramore
Smyths Bar
Kenny’s Lucan,
No. 21 Midelton
thanks to Amy from Four Corners who sent this on to me( I asked for it!) By the way there really are seven brothers, it’s not just a gimmick. Sláinte!

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