Getting Hopped Up!


My mate ( we’ll call him Jack to protect his privacy) has a bit of a hop addiction problem. He can’t get enough of those delicious IPAs. I reckon I managed to save at least one granny from getting mugged to feed his hop habit last night by inviting him around for a few beers. I am a big fan of Thornbridge’s Jaipur and they brewed this Imperial Jaipur X to mark their tenth birthday. Jack noted that it was quite a pale golden colour which he found a little disappointing. Luckily the pallor didn’t affect the taste, citrus fruit and pine with a hint of alcohol just to let you know that it’s 10%!


Lagunitas Hop Stoopid is a (slightly) more restrained 8% but when it says 102 IBUS on the label I reckoned we were safe enough. We agreed it had a better colour. There are some orange flavours and sticky hops. The hops are well matched by the malt and even the hop fiend had to concede that balance is a good thing. Both are recommended and available in Ireland right now. Sláinte!

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  1. simon682 says:

    “A few beers” at 10% and 8%! Either I got out just in time or I’m missing something rather special.

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