7 Giraffes to start Summer with


William’s Brothers 7 Giraffes is a new English style IPA/ESB to me. It’s brewed with seven types of malted barley, hops and some elderflower. Unsurprisingly it smells pleasantly floral, it reminded me of a homemade elderflower wine I was given many years ago. The taste is bready and sweet. It’s not going toe to toe with some of their hoptastic Scottish contemporaries, but that’s alright with me. There’s only so much Jack Hammering my taste buds can take! A great beer for the start of Summer. I picked this up in Carry Out, Athlone. Sláinte!

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2 Responses to 7 Giraffes to start Summer with

  1. stravale says:

    No duffers amongst all the Williams beers…my favourites are the stouts Midnight Sun and March of the Penguins. Hipsway is a good clean citric golden ale/lager with a dab of strawberry. Haven’t been to Carry Out yet… must check it out when I’m next in Athlone

    • I don’t think I’ve had Penguins or Hipsway, but I’ll keep an eye out for them. Carry Out have upped their game alright & sure if you’re coming to Athlone give me a shout!

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