Irish American Fourth of July Special Beer


Ireland’s largest independent brewery, Carlow Brewing Company are well known for their traditional range of Irish Ales, so it is heartening to see them willing to try new things. Three of their current offerings are a single hop Sorachi Ace IPA, a new Irish Cider called Falling Apple and a collaborative brew; Foreign Affair.
Foreign Affair is an American style Red IPA brewed in Ireland by Robbie O’Cain and Brian McNelis from Virginia’s Starr Hill Brewery and Conor Donoghue from  Carlow Brewing. They used Falconer’s Flight, an American hop blend to give this beer it’s citrussy aroma. The beer has a piney dryness which is balanced by a malty biscuitty sweetness which becomes more pronounced as it warms up. I drank this beer on it’s own but I can imagine it working well with barbecued food. Luckily my local O’Brien’s got this beer in today so I’ll be able to stock up! If you enjoyed O’Hara’s Amber Adventure there’s a good chance this is a beer for you. Sláinte!

*I was given samples of this beer to review, that hasn’t influenced my opinion.


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