Heaven 17


Some would say we’ve had our summer already but I’m an eternal optimist and I’m hoping we’ll get a few more decent days out of 2015…

Even if we don’t, I reckon it’s still alright to have an N17 Summer Ale while looking out the window at the drizzle…

I haven’t seen this beer around but James Davin promised to procure a bottle for me whilst visiting his home town of Tuam. Apparently there is an endless supply of it in the Galway burgh. He was as good as his word too!

I was interested to see that the ingredients included Rye, clearly this wasn’t going to be your typical Golden Ale. The Amarillo hops give the beer a marvellous floral aroma and it has a very refreshing bite. A lovely beer, in any weather.

A mention must be made of the artwork by brewer Sarah Roarty’s daughter Clara which brightens up the trademark N17 monochrome label very nicely indeed and brings a little bit of summer to your fridge. Sláinte!

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