A few quare wans…


Edge Brewing’s bottles stand out from the crowd whether on the shelf in a pub or an off licence. They’re the product of Americans living in Barcelona and they’re unsurprisingly bold. The Padrino Porter is densely black, rich, smooth and sumptuous. Beautiful.


Juggernaut is a beast of a Double IPA. It has some sweet caramel malt to balance out all of the fruity, piney hops. The perfect way to conclude an evening.


…and last but by no means least, Brew Dog’s Restorative Beverage for Invalids and Convalescents. For starters, this wins best beer name ever. The label is as punk as fuck. The beer? Well it’s as uncompromising as you’d expect. It’s innocent enough looking. Take a sip… A tongue stripping bitter hop bomb. Well it’d certainly make you sit up in bed anyway. Give it a try if you’re a hop head. Buy it for the label if you like pop art. ( in fact that applies for all three) I picked up those bottles between Bradley’s, Cork and Deveney’s, Dundrum and I’m pretty sure they have Edge Brewing’s wares in Dublin’s Beer Market as well. Sláinte

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