Two Fourpure Beers


I picked up a two pairs of Fourpure cans in Marks and Spencer yesterday. I tried the Pils first. It says on the can that it’s inspired by Munich and states that they put 35 of the IBUs into it. I reckon that makes it a bit hoppier than most of the traditional German brews. It is brewed with traditional noble Hallertau and Saaz hops though. Very enjoyable beer, which would possibly taste better after cutting the grass.


Their Session IPA was inspired by New York apparently! It’s got a lovely piney fruity aroma that carries through to the taste. It’s 4.2% and packs in plenty of flavour for that. I had another can today with a mild chicken curry, you know, the kind that everyone in the house will eat and it was a good match for that level of spiciness. Decent beer. Sláinte!

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