A beer, Chef?


I’ve got a bit of a problem. I find it difficult not to try new beers when I see them. Today I was picking up a sandwich in Centra when I saw a pair of beers from Arthurstown Brewing Company. The first one I tried was the Kevin Dundon King’s Bay Irish Red Ale. Bit of a mouthful, that. The label has a decent amount of information about the hops and malt which I like to see. ( Fuggles and Cascade hops, Ale, Munich and Crystal Malt ) It also states simply that it goes well with food. What food though, eh? Considering Kevin Dundon has his name on it surely he could’ve put forward a few suggestions? I had it with some roast beef and that worked for me, I reckon it would also work well with dessert because of the caramel malt flavours. The beer? It’s a pretty standard Irish Red, not terrible.


The Pale Ale has the big three ‘C’ hops; Citra, Challenger and the malt reads like a menu description, ‘Golden Kilned Two Row Barley’ and ‘hand-rolled Arthurstown oats’. Which makes for a pretty smooth Pale Ale with some fresh citrus bite. I didn’t have food with this but I’d say a burger, Pizza or fish would do the job nicely. Sláinte!

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