A Raven and Rhubarb Tart!


James Brown’s second ‘Feel Good Ale’ is a Rhubarb Tart IPA. Now there’s a combination for you. The label notes tell   us that he used a ‘few hundred kilos of rhubarb’ and that the brew was ‘continually rhubarbed’, mouth watering stuff indeed. I got a whiff of fruitiness while pouring it. The main thing that stood out to me about the beer was that it’s very dry and yes, tart. I didn’t get that much rhubarb but it’s a good IPA. Pick up a bottle in your local O’Brien’s now. That’s an order.


Another relative newcomer to the Irish craft beer scene is Wood Key and their second beer is The Ravens, An Irish Rye Ale. Like their first beer, Pilgrim, this comes with an attractive label and a soupçon of Dublin history, this time telling us about the ‘mysterious birds found on’ a token used ‘around Dublin’s Wood Quay to buy food and drink’. Beer tokens then, just like those we still use today. I liked this beer. It reminded me a little of a certain other well known Irish Rye Ale. No harm. It has a dryness to it and some pleasant bite from the rye. I picked up this bottle in Deveney’s, Dundrum. Sláinte!

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  1. I find that with Rhubarb beers the taste is quite mild on the rhubarb side. They can taste very nice though!

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